020801 IGI 2: Covert Strike’s weaponry goes ballistic

IGI 2: Covert Strike brings the world of Project IGI back to PC screens this Autumn as the acclaimed stealth-based first-person shooter returns, compete with an arsenal of authentic weapons featuring realistic gun ballistics.

With over 30 real world firearms, the ballistics system is based on real-world data and, using a comprehensive physics engine, simulates a range of weapon effects including:

- Material penetration, such as bullets through wood, steel, plastics and flesh) is calculated using muzzle velocity, bullet calibre and realistic material density values – powerful guns can kill two people with one bullet, or enable the player to shoot though walls and other obstructions
- 100% realistic fire-rates measured in rounds per minute – experience incredible fire power with weapons like the G36 Assault Rifle at 750 rounds per minute, or the Uzi which fires 600 rounds per minute. Even better use 2 Uzi’s at the same time for a devastating 20 rounds per second
- Hit damage is calculated via muzzle velocity and bullet calibre, as in real life
- Realistic and playable cumulative inventory system – the player's ability to move is affected by what they are carrying and what weapon they are holding
- Real-world capabilities accurately simulated, including weight, clip capacity, reload times, and range
- Dynamically reactive targeting system – The movement of the targeting recital will be effected by player movement and stance as well as weapon specifications like accuracy and kickback
- Unsurpassed game special effects, created using real-world gun samples, include realistic muzzle flashes, gun smoke and ejected bullet casings.